Friday, February 26, 2010

Charly's an Angel

At 10:54 Wednesday night, (2/24/10), we welcomed our first baby, our daughter into the world! Charly Grace was 7.9 lbs and 20 3/4 inches long.

Kelli was 8 days past due (41 and 1/7 weeks) so we went in Wednesday morning at 8 am for a scheduled inducement. 15 hours later . . . Hello Charly!

It wasn't as boring as it sounds. Those 15 hours can go by quickly when you've got nurses to talk to, drugs to be had, and operations to be performed (epidural). Family came and waited patiently in the lobby while I visited with them occasionally, giving updates and feeling like I was trapped in some Lifetime channel movie (pushing open the double doors, slow motion down the hallway, family's anxious looks spelled out on their faces) . . .

Kelli not only has crazy pregnancy strength, she has the most incredible pain tolerance I've ever seen. Earlier this summer, playing catcher on our coed softball league, she blocked the plate as a larger girl tried tagging up and scoring from third on a pop fly. Our outfielder made a perfect throw, the runner lowered her shoulder, and after the dust had settled, it was Kelli standing over top of her with ball raised high in hand. This obviously came in handy . . . I'm married to one tough cookie!

Charly is no different. Immediately upon being born, Charly gave out one sharp yowl, then fell silent and wide-eyed while the nursing staff manhandled her and checked her over. In fact, well into the night, we had yet to hear our daughter's true voice. As our families (who were still waiting patiently in the hospital - even Great Grandma and Grandpa) poured into the room, she merely yawned out of boredom. Nurses checked on her every hour, poking and prodding and not once did she show discomfort. I think I may be the weakest link in our home . . .

She doesn't quite act as though she understands how important eating is, but she's showing signs that she's catching on. We go home tonight and then, starts the real experience. I stopped in briefly yesterday to feed Elliot and everything in the house took on new meaning. The unfinished nursery, the swing in the corner, even Elliot herself. The nursery is not just a room that needs another new paint job, it's Charly's room. The swing in the corner is not just a decoration piece, it's Charly's swing. And Elliot is not just a little kitty, she's now a big sister!

Thanks to Auntie Ashley for some of the pics . . . May the children of our families always have a camera in their face!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Waiting . . .

3 days away from due date . . . Since we don't know how much longer Kelli will have this belly and I didn't think spending money on maternity photos was necessary, I took some shots of her myself.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Someone at school told me that I'd know when Kelli's about to "pop" when she wants everything to be clean. Last weekend she said to me "I want the rug vacuumed this weekend and it's gonna get vacuumed next weekend too . . . whether it needs it or not!" I think Baby Henrichs is on it's way . . .

. . . but we're not quite ready!

We've taken little steps along the way, like purchasing and assembling the crib (piece of cake) and a dresser (236 pieces and 4 hours in the making). But as you can see, we had some serious "nesting" to do before our bundle of joy is brought into this world.

You know the scene in movies where the girlfriend tosses all the ex-boyfriend's belongings out the window and into the yard . . . well Kelli got tired of me "promising" to empty my closet in the baby's room and took matters into her own hands. She worked her tail off and little by little, our baby's nursery is starting to take shape. Or at least, it's dresser drawers are stocked and we can see the beautiful wood floor again.

Kelli found room for all my stuff in her closet and while I put together a motorized swing, she even took her hand at using a screwdriver and putting together a vibrating chair for the baby (under the watchful eye of Elliot).

Now I wasn't a total loaf . . . last weekend while Kelli worked hard to finish her students' conference reports, I cleaned and organized the kitchen and basement. Today while she "nested", I took advantage of the snow day and worked on my students' conference reports. As far as school is concerned, I think we're both prepared, and getting a little anxious!

I don't know if the "nest" is complete, but a friend told us that as long as we have diapers and a place for the baby to sleep, we're as prepared as we can be. Everything else will come. Well, we have plenty of diapers and even a bassinet, so I guess we're ready to go!

If only we can get Elliot out of the bassinet!

Baby Showers

Kelli and I have been married for almost 5 years now. Besides some books, cat toys, and a dartboard, we have acquired nothing in the last 5 years that would be useful in raising or entertaining a child. Luckily, we have great family and friends looking out for us!

Southdale, the school Kelli teaches at, was kind enough to throw her a baby shower. A few teachers bought gifts for us on their own, like a bath tub in the shape of a whale that will fit in our sink, some clothes, and diapers . . . while many others went in together and splurged for a motorized swing!

This past weekend, Kelli's sister (Jodi) and sister-in-law (Megan), threw a shower for us. We were both floored by the generosity of our family and friends. Kelli and I can walk through Target and register for things we think we need, but it's not until you're in a room full of experienced mothers, showered with their gifts, that you know what you really need.

Our little home is filling up fast with baby stuff. Thank you thank you thank you!

(No we're not having Twins . . . our baby just has no choice in which baseball team they will root for.)