Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Was Good

Christmas was good this year. (When isn't Christmas good?) With Charly, we swear it just keeps getting better and better. Part of the reason is that magic you felt around Christmastime as a kid, returns to you as an adult when you see your child begin to experience it first hand. It's an interesting perspective. With her 2-year celebration just around the corner, Charly was old enough this year to begin understanding some of the traditions we're trying to establish for her sake:

Like celebrating on Main Street the day after Thanksgiving with family and friends, and speculating as to how Santa will be 'coming to town' this year (helicopter!). Even though she fell asleep on my shoulder and missed the whole darn thing . . .

And decorating the Christmas tree! Kelli had a new scheme this year including ribbon and even more ornaments. She was so excited because Charly loves to help Kelli around the house. Come to find out, Charly would have rather wrapped Elliot up in lights than use them to decorate the tree . . .

And gathering in Des Moines at Blaine and Jodi's to make Christmas cookies with the entire Henning clan! Even though she would have rather just played with her cousin Brooks' hockey jerseys and watch football than decorate any Christmas cookies . . .

Okay, so she was kind of unpredictable. But simple moments like these, (and more that we'll share later):

. . . reassured us that we were creating something special to her. And hopefully by documenting it all, we can share it with her someday!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bad Santa

Yesterday, Kelli and I headed to Allison to help out Mom at the library's annual Christmas open house. I take pictures of all the kids that come to sit on Santa's lap and the library gives them away with Christmas magnet frames. Last year, we had our doubts if Charly would like Santa but she surprised us and loved him! We even took her to another Santa on Main Street in Cedar Falls and she loved him too!

Charly has always been a bit shy, especially around new people. Recently, it's gotten worse. It takes her forever to warm up to people and situations. Everyone tells us its a phase, and we're perfectly okay with it, but it made us wonder how she'd take to Santa this year. Yeah, um, not so well. I think what is the most heartbreaking about the following photos is how clear it is that she is trying not to cry. She has her hand in front of her face trying to hide it. Clifford the Big Red Dog couldn't help. Kelli swooped in fast, but I snapped a few pics.

Next up was Cruz, and he made no attempt to hide his feelings! He just wanted out!

They ran off some steam together and recovered quickly. Well, at least Cruz did. Charly kind of remained in a daze for most of the afternoon!