Tuesday, May 20, 2014


On Friday, May 9, I walked during Commencement services at UNI. It's not quite official, but it sure felt like it! In July, I will wrap up classes and earn my Administration License. A lot of family and friends came and celebrated with me.

Over the last few years, Kelli has endured a lot. Especially on Monday nights. I can count the number of nights I went to bed before midnight over the last two years on two hands. Kelli and the kids have helped me keep my eye on the ball while coffee helped keep my eyes open. Through everything, Kelli has been nothing but understanding and supportive.

My colleagues and cohort members have also helped me keep my sanity along the way. My poor colleagues put up with my regular ranting and theorizing while my cohort members put up with my constant checking-in and need to be reassured before submitting assignments. I have made some truly great friends these last two years; Educational leaders that I will always stay in touch with and lean on in the future.

Now to see what that future holds...