Sunday, June 24, 2012

"I Can Do It Myself"

We've been hearing this a lot from Charly lately. She's had a hand in her choice of clothes for awhile now, but we thought it'd be awhile before she started really dressing herself.

We were wrong.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

George at the Park

When we were in the hospital for the birth of Hayes, the nurses said to make sure we do activities with just Charly. Time alone with Charly was usually spent at the of these days George made his way to the park with us. I can still remember the day when Charly grabbed George off her bed, walked him out to the stroller, and placed him gently on her lap. I thought George was just along for the ride...Charly had other ideas and an imagination all her own!

George rode down the slide...

Comforting George as he came down the slide
"Fun, George...huh?" "Let's go again!"
Loving George
George went on the swings...

Loving George again
George walked and played in the wood chips...

 George rode on the horse...

Carefully placing him on the horse
Having the ride of his life
Talking him through the ride

"Good job George!"
It was a fun day in the park and one I will never forget. Charly can't seem to get enough of this curious little monkey, and I can't get enough of this sweet little girl!