Monday, May 24, 2010

Charly's Three (Months)

Yesterday, our little girl turned 3 months and I swear, our lives just seem to get busier and busier and busier . . . Summer can't come soon enough!

Kelli went back to work this month and it was pretty traumatic. Her biggest fear has been that she's not going to be able to give 100% to her job or our daughter. She doesn't want to become "mediocre" at either role . . . I think she's crazy. Of course we can't devote "time" to Charly when we're at school, but that doesn't mean we can't give her 110% of our attention when we are at home with her. And vice versa . . . with Charly now, we can't check as many papers while at home or plan as much for school as we did pre-baby, but that doesn't mean that we can't give 110% to our job while we're there, when we can. It's been a tough transition, but we'll survive and do our best!

Almost as traumatic as going back to work for Kelli, was Charly's two month check-up and vaccination. I knew she was getting shots, but holy crap . . . I had no idea how they were given! First, the nurse gave Charly a vaccine in liquid form by slowly feeding her drops at a time. Kelli and I thought, 'This isn't so bad' . . . then the two nurses pulled out three needles and grabbed our little girl's ankles! They told me to hold her arms down and on the count of three, they slammed two needles into each chubby little thigh! Her poor expression went from wide-eyed, inquisitive bliss, to red-faced, teary eyed anger in a matter of seconds . . . and they weren't done yet! One more needle had to go in, thus, the three band-aids in the picture above (two on one thigh, one on the other, unpictured). I couldn't even look at Kelli. It was honestly one of the most difficult things I have experienced EVER. The fact that we can't explain to her why we're doing this, made it even more difficult.

But she recovered, she's tough like her mom, and went on to accomplish many things in her third month! She began sleeping through the night. She (accidentally) learned how to splash in the bath tub. She got lots of fresh air (she needs some time to really get used to it though) and she became quite the storyteller, especially when she's with her Grandpa Denny. She loves to ramble endlessly in coos, yowls, high-pitched shrieks, low-pitched growls, grunts, and squeaks. We seriously think she's trying to put words and sentences together!

She's getting stronger and stronger everyday! She no longer looks like a bobblehead doll when we attempt to sit her upright and she can no longer be trusted to lay on her back on a blanket without rolling over. Only problem is, she can't quite get over the arm she decides to roll over on (we're afraid she's going to dislocate her shoulder) and she usually ends up face first in a blanket, kicking her legs and waving her arms in frustration. If we can only teach her to turn her head to the side now . . .

As far as we can tell, the only chink in Charly's armor is her acid reflux. She's always been a little spitty but we've been told by lots of people that some babies are so we never gave the idea much thought. The Doc checked her out and officially diagnosed her with acid reflux. We now have the fun job of mixing half of a dissolvable tablet with 1 ounce of formula a half hour before we give her the other 3-4 ounces of her bottle. She can be a little impatient when she's hungry in the first place, now teasing her and making her wait 30 minutes before eating, only further complicates the matter. But hey . . . it works.

We're having a blast with Charly, watching her learn and grow before our very eyes. We can't wait to see what she has in store for us in month four!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Evidence of God's Love

Since Charly Grace was born, our church attendance has been sporadic to say the least. We broke her in last Sunday and learned we really shouldn't have been using her as an excuse. She loved it! She was wide-eyed while the band played and sleepy while the sermon was preached! Not once did she show any sign of impatience. She was her typical laid-back self.

Yesterday, the day of her baptism, was no different. She was hot, she was hungry, and she was sitting in the front row, mere feet from the church band yet she was quiet and wide-eyed, almost like she was anticipating what was to come. Even as Pastor Dave drenched her in water, with pools forming in her eyes, she remained calm and collected. (Her bath times have prepared her for this moment!) And just like Rafiki showed off Simba to the animal kingdom, Pastor Dave introduced Charly to her new church family by parading her up the center aisle in her pastel pink. The congregation loved her!

Later, as she drifted off to sleep during Pastor Dave's sermon (once again - we have to break her of that in the future!), his words took on new meaning to us now having her in our life. He spoke of how God's love lives through us and is evidenced by the things we do and the way we act (the fruits of our soul, given to us by God) . . . the unselfish love we have for Charly, the joy her smiles bring to us, the peace we feel while watching her sleep, the patience we exhibit while she fights sleep, the kindness and excitement shared by our family and friends, the way we strive to do good by her so she will in turn be good to others, the faithful support given by her new Godparents Chad, Jodi, Ashley, and Taylor, the gentle way we hold her in our arms, the self-control we show when bath time or feeding time doesn't quite go as planned . . . all of these feelings possible because of Him.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Splish Splash I Was Takin' A Bath!

So last Thursday night, I filled Charly's tub a little too full. While moving her arms and legs some water accidentally plopped out of the tub and onto the counter and kitchen floor. Her face lit up and what followed, was certainly no accident. We grabbed the Flip camera as fast as we could and caught the tail end of the action as Charly first learned how to "splash". Kelli and I sure thought it was funny!

Innocent baby nakedness ensues . . .

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

For all the baby mamas out there . . . especially MY baby's mama!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Visitors from Down Under!

The great thing about having friends move to faraway places, is that it supplies Kelli and I with great vacation destinations. We had a blast in California visiting a good friend fresh out of college and we've seen a lot that Colorado has to offer because of good friends packing up and leaving Iowa.

The bad thing about having friends move to faraway places is that they are no longer around to spend time with!

As is the case with Dave and Kara, two of our very good friends from UNI. For more than four years now, Dave and Kara have called Australia home and since plane tickets are pretty pricey, we have to settle for seeing them once a year. With Dave making a name for himself in the NBL, Australia's version of the NBA, and recently signing for two more years, it doesn't look like they'll be heading home permanently anytime soon. Maybe a trip to the land down under should be in our cards after all . . .

It was great to see them. Kara literally made Kelli's day shortly after Charly was born by calling from Australia. Kelli was beaming throughout the conversation and in tears missing her after she hung up. So having them meet Charly was pretty special. And we have to say, Kara was quite the natural with her. Charly spent most of the night in her arms! Kara put her to sleep rather easily at our house and later at Doug and Staci's, she even fed her, kept her warm outside, and put her to sleep again.

Hopefully someday they will be back in Iowa for good. Until then . . . maybe we need to get Charly a passport!