Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hayes is One Month Old, Really?

It was a rocky start, bringing the little guy home with us. Three hours after we brought him home from the hospital we took Charly right back. She was diagnosed with RSV and we were told to keep her away from Hayes for two weeks. How exactly were we supposed to do that? She was infatuated with him. She wanted to hold him. She wanted to kiss him. She wanted to pet him. She had been talking about her "baby brother" for months and we didn't even know we were having a boy. And we were supposed to keep her away from him . . .

We tried. And did pretty well. But Kelli and I caught colds as well and sure enough, halfway through Spring Break, Hayes began sounding really congested. Our doctor told us it was more than likely RSV too, but his lungs sounded clear so we were instructed to just keep an eye on his breathing and master the art of using the nose sucker.

From the very beginning, while Kelli was still carrying him, this guy was a good listener. We prayed he wouldn't come on Charly's birthday. He listened. We (Kelli) prayed he wouldn't come on Leap Day. He listened. Kelli was scheduled to be induced on March 5 (a Monday), but really liked the sound of March 4 (a Sunday). He listened to her. We prayed he'd stay merely congested, and not get bad enough to take in to the hospital, and he listened to us.

He is so laid back. He sleeps all the time. He eats good. He puts up with Charly's smothering kisses and hugs and loud voice.

He likes music. He likes to be talked to. He likes watching baseball. He likes his changing table. He likes his swing. He likes to pee on his wall. He likes to be naked. He likes his baths. He likes his sister. He likes to be held. He likes to be cuddled. He likes to be sung to. He likes his mom.

His first month has flown by. It feels like we just brought him home a week ago. It's a lot of fun having a girl and a boy and reminiscing about what Charly was doing at this stage and naturally comparing. We love Hayes. We love Charly. And we are loving our new family of four.