Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day Three in Orange Beach

Day Three in Orange Beach brought on much of the same. Sun, sand, and relaxation. 

Our condo looked out over the Gulf of Mexico. In the front of our condo complex were a series of bays and marinas were locals and businesses kept their fishing boats. Each morning, those marinas would empty into the Gulf for day-long fishing excursions. It was kind of fun to watch all these boats scatter into the Gulf each morning.

The swimming pool had become Charly and Hayes's favorite place to be so each visit to the beach was bookended by a visit to the pool. Kelli and I had to admit, it was kind of relaxing. Especially when returning from the beach. It gave us all and opportunity to clean the sand off us and cool down. In the morning however, Kelli and I just wanted to get to the beach while Charly and Hayes just wanted to swim!

Hayes was a little frustrated that we left the pool so Charly was alone in building sandcastles. But boy did she build sandcastles! 

Hayes snapped out of it nicely though when Kelli and I offered to bury his feet! He and Charly thought this was hilarious.

We couldn't get over all the colors at work and the different shapes of the clouds at times. I swear every time we looked up, the sky looked different. 

It is so much fun watching Charly and Hayes's friendship grow. They truly are best of friends. They drive each other crazy at times but would fight like crazy for each other any day. When you are isolated in a new place you are unfamiliar with, that friendship only strengthens. Not only did it make Kelli and I proud, but happy that we are able to provide them with these experiences. Charly has a rock solid photographic memory and remembers things even from our Michigan vacation very clearly. After watching Pixar's Inside Out, we hope some of their "core memories" are being stored away from these special locations.

Like Day Two, we spent more time than expected on the beach. We stopped at the pool for a quick dip before heading up to the condo for lunch. We snacked and took our time and then decided to forgo the beach and revisit the pool for a swim. 

More from Day Three coming...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day Two in Orange Beach (con't)

Looking back, having lunch each day at our condo overlooking the beach, was some of our favorite memories. Charly and Hayes loved settling in and relaxing and being able to look over our balcony and keep an eye on our beach chairs and umbrella and watch the beach and the pool made us feel connected to Orange Beach. 

Charly and Hayes were more reluctant to return to the beach each day, unlike Kure Beach where they were begging to go back as soon as we left. Kelli and I believe it was the pool's fault. We did not have access to a pool in Kure. In Orange Beach we had to walk through a pretty nice swimming pool to get to our beach each day. That was torture for the kids! But once we were on the beach, all was forgotten and they had a blast! Plus, we stopped back and spent plenty of time in the pool too!

I still had to scope out our area in the afternoon and snag a number of jellyfish. Although a lady told us if we were to get stung, it wasn't as bad as we'd think. Still, we didn't want it to ruin the kids' day. 

Charly became pretty good at tossing a frisbee! 

Hayes did not catch on. But that didn't stop him from trying to impress the ladies!

We swam in the pool for a while then called it a day. We were excited about eating seafood and had a list of restaurants planned. The young couple we talked to at Moe's the night before suggested Shrimp Basket, which was on my list and an older couple we talked to on the beach also suggested it. They seemed to know what they were talking about. So we ate at Shrimp Basket. They were right! For the price, you won't find bigger portions or fresher seafood. It was awesome, but Hayes fell asleep at the table!

When we got back to the condo we walked the beach and took some family pictures. We try to do this each vacation and love to look back at them. Charly and Hayes were awesome!

Before the sun fully disappeared, Charly spotted a ghost crab! That girl has incredible eyes!